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Michael Pötscher
CMO Tourradar

You don't understand how many embarrassingly obvious usability fails you have on your site until mindberry does their audit and doubles your conversion rate.

mindberry is the ideal mix of product- and marketing-knowledge with a great spirit and human touch. We love working with them on conversion optimization projects, because their recommendations are always databased, clearly identifying moments of truth and their solutions are very practical and spot-on.

Katharina Buttenberg
Head of Marketing Communication

Jessica Manu
Senior Marketing Manager
Strategy & Innovations

mindberry helped us finally understand the specific needs of our B2B customers and details on how they navigate our website. We then rapidly used their insights to address our visitors' objections and improve our website.

Case Studies
While working with mindberry we saw our
conversion rate triple.
mindberry has grown our conversion rate by more than 250% in only 3 months.
Our main goal was to better understand our users… Thanks to mindberry we can now better engage with our users.

Werner Decker
Manager Strategic Partnerships EMEA

As we got to know the mindberry team we quickly realized that they possess a unique expertise in the field of conversion rate optimization in the Austrian market.

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Eva Pillhofer
Online Marketing

mindberry used a cost-efficient combination of research techniques to detect stumbling blocks on our website. Using their findings, we removed the obstacles quickly and easily. We were able to implement their recommendations with minimal resources. Any time again!

Thanks to the user research mindberry conducted before our website relaunch we learned a lot about our users and their needs. We then successfully used these user insights to create our new design.

Karin Kernmayer-Farr
Global Head of Marketing and Innovation

Helmut Sulzberger

The result exceeded our expectations. With mindberry's help our registration rate leaped by 30%.

As an online agency we rely on trusted partners who complement our service portfolio. When it comes to conversion rate optimization & website concepts, we turn to mindberry.

Vinzenz Schwarz
Managing Director

Michaela Sattler
Hotel Management

It is phenomenal how much energy the mindberry team put into realizing our new website. The concept perfectly gives a personal touch to our business – and what's more, it helped us increase bookings for our hotel.

Give them 2 weeks and you'll be amazed about what you learn about your shoppers. On your webpage, on your competition's pages or at any retailer selling your brand.

Johannes Linsbichler
Managing Director

Michael Apostol
Managing Director

mindberry is our partner for website optimization. They are extremely professional, have in-depth knowhow and are a cool team to work with. They simply love what they do.

It was a pleasure to work with such a professional, open-minded and cool team. The results were great and the mindberry team approached our project with a lot of passion and enthusiasm. Thanks to mindberry we learned more about our customers and now better understand their specific needs.

Alexander Kauffmann

Hans El Daly
Senior Manager CEE Product Marketing

I enjoyed working with the mindberry team on the Samsung trade loyalty programs in CEE. It's always a pleasure to have a professional partner who is very flexible and open minded when it comes to client needs – that's rare to find.

mindberry has grown our conversion rate by more than 250% in only 3 months.

Claudia Freifrau von Boeselager

Some of our clients
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