Improve your mobile site or app by understanding device-specific needs.

We get into your mobile users' minds to help you achieve best-in-class mobile UX and to better mirror their expectations.

At mindberry, we offer a range of research services to ensure that our clients' apps, mobile and tablet sites are effective, engaging and drive conversion.

The research mix we choose depends on a number of factors, such as your stage of digital development, the type of platforms you are using, your audience and your research goals.

Examples of our mobile research techniques

For optimal results, we combine insights from several tools.

User Testing

A fantastic way to evaluate how a page or app performs in the hands of real users.

User tests help us uncover the most important usability issues and pain points as well as the most delightful elements. What goes through the users' minds before buying? Why are they leaving the page? What's preventing them from clicking the "buy"-button?

There are several ways to conduct usability tests (moderated or unmoderated; in lab, remote or in the real world). We will select the most suitable option for your business and ask users to conduct a series of tasks.

As a result, we get videos of real people speaking their thoughts as they attempt to complete a task on your mobile site or app. You'll get a summary of the key issues you need to address as well as video clips highlighting the most interesting findings.

How do they
navigate through
your site or app?

What's preventing people from
tapping on the "buy"-button?

Behavioral Analysis

Quantitative analysis uncovers traffic patterns and the biggest drop off points.

Analytics data, heatmaps and session replays show us how people navigate through your site or app, including which elements get a lot of attention and what causes users to take unnecessary detours before abandoning your site.

The data will show us the "where" and "how". We like to conduct behavioral analysis alongside qualitative research to develop a clear picture of the users' context or intentions — in other words, the "why".

Expert Review
Usability Audit

A cost-efficient method that can be used in any stage of product
development and that is a great complement to usability testing.

We review your prototype, site or app by assessing the user interface (heuristic evaluation) and by approaching it from the angle of a typical user (cognitive walkthrough) to highlight usability issues.

The scope of a review can include:
• Individual or multiple platforms (e.g., mobile, tablet or desktop)
• Multiple countries and languages
• Prototypes, live sites or apps
• A general review or a focus on a specific aspect of the site or app


Find out how you are stacking up against the competition.

Benchmarking puts us in your customers' shoes and allows us to do what your prospects are doing: directly compare your offerings to those of your competitors. This is a great way to track industry trends and to ensure that your business is staying abreast of changes and customer desires. Our competitive intelligence activities help us to uncover why your competitors win over the users who should be yours.

User Feedback
Online Surveys

A simple and powerful way to learn what your mobile visitors like or dislike.

By asking your visitors questions about specific pages, we get valuable insights as into why these visitors are on your site or app and why they might be leaving or converting. The feedback shows us in which areas you need improve and what you need to communicate more clearly on your mobile site or app.

What's next?

Want to use device-specific user insights to get more sales?

Once we understand your customers and their objections, it will be time to work on
changing their minds. Check out our section on konverteringsoptimering.

Mobile Information Architecture (IA)
and Navigation

Do you need help structuring mobile content and
navigation flows?

In addition to conducting user research, mindberry can help you structure the information architecture of your new or relaunched mobile site or app and create mobile wireframes.

Why wait? Contact us now so that we can
help you achieve your mobile goals!


In many instances good copy does not need creativity—at least not in the sense of formulating your own elaborate texts. Rather, creativity is required to find out how to best listen to customers and research their thoughts in order to learn what are the right words you should use in your copy.

The promo-code entry field is a critical element that can shift your customers’ emotions at the very end of the sales funnel. It can even ruin your sale at the last second. We will explain 2 tactics for avoiding negative reactions.

More and more frequently companies turn to us in despair because they are unhappy with the outcome of the relaunch of their website. We show how to avoid such failed attempts and how to base a redesign on solid user insights.