Get the user insights you need to make faster, smarter decisions to grow your web business.

We help you find out why they buy and why they leave – quickly, easily and cost-effectively.

Knowing what's on your visitors' minds. That's our passion and the very heart of our business.

We conduct user research, evaluate user interfaces, test usability, benchmark competing websites, analyze user behavior and get feedback on online propositions. In fact, we can get user insights into almost anything, from reasons for checkout abandonment to shopping habits of the silver surfers.

With our approach we help our clients create better user experiences for websites, applications and intranets, and ultimately improve the bottom line for their business.

We've conducted user research on
5 continents across 20 different industries.

How we detect hidden profits
trapped inside your website.

5 essential elements of mindberry's
user research approach

We have over 200 user
research methods
tools at our fingertips.

We combine
quantitative and
qualitative data

First we find out where the biggest
conversion leaks are happening
and then pinpoint what prevents
users from taking action at those
drop-off points.

We see and hear
how users experience
your website

Find out what they like and what they
don't. Different websites evoke different
experiences depending on the users'
knowledge, previous experiences
abilities, expectations and
sociocultural backgrounds.

We translate your
customer feedback into
actionable solutions

We pick out the "golden nuggets"
from the user insights and propose
concrete and actionable
optimization suggestions.

We uncover
the "why" through
qualitative research

Instead of just telling you what
your customers do, we show you
what your website visitors want
and the issues that prevent

We tie insights to action

What users say and what they actually
do is not always the same thing. That's
why we also visualize their interactions,
watch exactly what they are doing with
real-time monitoring tools and dive
into web analytics data.

mindberry uses analytics and shopper
psychology to predict and influence users
who otherwise would leave without buying.

We research, observe and engage with users -
online and with instant results.

Our techniques include both quantitative and qualitative analysis and are drawn from a wide range of disciplines including shopper psychology, web analytics, operational research, statistics, data driven social science, neuroscience and decision theory.

What used to take days or weeks and thousands of Euros now takes a fraction of the time and cost. Without exception, our clients are amazed how cost-efficient web user research is and baffled by what they learn about their users.

Once we understand your customers and their objections, it's time to work on changing their minds: check out our section on Conversion Rate Optimization.

Ready to uncover your "golden nuggets"
and spot the insights you really need to
grow your business?

Some of our clients
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