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We are experts in understanding and influencing online shoppers and offer 2 services to make your website more user-friendly and profitable.

We conduct user research, evaluate user interfaces, test usability, benchmark competing websites, analyze user behavior and get feedback on online propositions.

We convert more of your site visitors into customers. It's the best way to make all your traffic-generating marketing investments more productive.

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In this case study we’ll explain how we addressed the key concern of visitors on a mobile site with a tiny change. We will demonstrate what user research insights helped us develop the test idea and increase conversions by 25%.

In an exclusive interview usability pioneer Rolf Molich explains:
- How to achieve valuable results with quick & dirty usability tests
- Why it is important to conduct tests with users “in the real world”
- Why bigger budgets are not always the solution to usability problems
- What impact the usage of multiple devices has on usability tests

In every customer interaction there is a moment of truth, a point when customers decide to take a course of action that has either a negative or positive impact on your business. The better you understand how your customers feel at these moments of truth, the better you can own these moments.